After accepting an offer provided by the designer Kevin Brenkman, the first invoice will be sent. A deposit of 50% of the total costs will be due to be paid prior to the start of any work. The other remaining 50% will be charged at the end of the project or the first phase.
In case there are additional products or services, extra feedback rounds not included in the offer, the offer will have to be revised and corrected accordingly.
In offers and invoices the costs of print-costs, photography, purchase of font licenses, are excluded, unless specifically stated. In case of cancellation of the project after starting, the predicted costs stated in the offer will be charged. Every offer is valid for 2 months after the date of creation. After 2 months the offer will have to be revised.

All fees will be invoiced before submission of deliverables to the client. Each invoice is definitive after 14 days if the client has not objected to the invoice by email after 14 days. The client has to pay the invoice after 14 days after the creation date. After each 30 days there will be an additional administrative cost of EUR 25. After 60 days of open balance interest over the balance will be charged. Additional costs like juridic costs regarding the payment will be charged to the client.
In case of no payment of an interim invoice not being paid, the designer Kevin Brenkman is allowed to cancel all activities, after sending a notice to the client by email. In case of interim invoices for phase 1, phase 2, etc. the last invoice has to be paid before starting on the next phase.

All costs are in Euro (EUR). The open balance has to be paid trough one of the following payment methods: Bank transfer to IBAN account NL75 ABNA 0496 8022 67, or payment trough Paypal or, include the invoice number in the description.

Intellectual Property
The designer, Kevin Brenkman keeps all intellectual property rights on the designs, documents and images created. The client is allowed to use the designs, documents and images for their intended purpose. The designer is always entitled to publication of the designs, documents and images in online or offline form after completion of the project.

Inevitable termination of activities
The designer can terminate activities or place activities on hold in case of sudden sickness or in case of another outside influence. Neither the client or designer is entitled to compensation of unprovided services.

Small business owner
The designer is registered as a small business (KOR/kleine ondernemingsregeling) in The Netherlands (starting 01/01/2021). Therefore VAT is not charged and always 0%.

BTW/VAT NL003439661B92
IBAN NL75 ABNA 0496 8022 67